Veneers in Chicago, IL

Veneers in Chicago, IL

Damaged teeth may be so embarrassing for many people that they smile and laugh less. To prevent having a cold or conceited reputation, you may seek help getting your teeth repaired. Our dentist in Chicago, IL can improve your smile by applying veneers to your teeth.

What is a Veneer?

A veneer is a piece of ultra-thin material that a dentist attaches to the visible area of a tooth. It can hide flaws like shallow cracks, chips, gaps, or stains. A veneer can look as natural as your tooth after our dentist at Roy B Guster DDS PC applies it to your tooth.

The main materials for veneers near you are porcelain and composite resin, with porcelain being the most popular choice. Since porcelain reflects light like enamel, it provides a more natural look than a composite veneer. However, both materials will blend in with your other teeth as our dentist near me will order them in the same shade as your natural teeth.

Bonding Veneers to Teeth

When your veneer order comes into our dentist’s office, they will contact you to come in to apply them to your teeth. When you come in, our dentist in Chicago, IL will prepare your teeth to receive them and ensure they bond to them. First, they will make sure each veneer fits each tooth perfectly.

They will hold each veneer to the tooth onto which they are being applied. Comparing the veneer to the tooth, they will trim each one to ensure a precise fit. After the dentist completes this task, they will then make sure the cement stays on the teeth by etching the enamel. They do this by using a mild chemical compound to roughen each tooth.

Finally, dental cement goes onto the tooth’s surface, and the veneer gets pressed onto the cement. With a curing light, our dentist in Chicago, IL will dry the cement to complete the placement. Wait at least an hour to an hour and a half to eat. Try not to chew on the veneer for 24 hours to allow it to set.

If you want great-looking teeth but don’t want to go through a long, expensive procedure, talk to our dentist at Roy B Guster DDS PC about veneers in Chicago, IL. They will discuss them with you and begin the process of giving you an amazing smile.