Dental Sealants in Chicago, IL

Dental Sealants in Chicago, IL

Did you know that dental decay is still the most common chronic children’s disease, and it’s completely preventable? While younger children are not the best at being consistent or careful about brushing their teeth, Dr. Guster at Roy B Guster DDS PC can take preventive measures to help them avoid cavities. One of the most popular treatments to prevent cavities is applying dental sealants to children’s teeth.

What is a Dental Sealant?

A dental sealant is a barrier our dentist in Chicago, IL brushes over a child’s teeth. While the sealant starts as a liquid, after it dries aided by a curing light, it turns into a plastic cover that goes over the premolars and molars.

These teeth do the most tearing and chewing of food, so they are the most at risk for cavities. The barrier keeps food and drinks residues from between teeth and the tops of them so that they cannot get trapped, break down and form decay-causing bacteria. Sealants near you protect kids’ teeth when they don’t do a good job of brushing them.

What Ages Can Kids Get Sealants?

Since a sealant goes onto the premolars and molars, children can get them starting at six years old when their first molars emerge. Then, they can get their second set of molars protected by dental sealants in Chicago, IL at around age 12.

To qualify for a sealant on their teeth, a child needs to have cavity-free teeth. Otherwise, decay can spread to the gums or other teeth beneath the sealant. Sealants release fluoride to keep the child’s teeth healthy while it covers them.

How Long Does a Sealant Last?

After our dentist near you places the sealant on your child’s teeth, they can last up to nine years, but they can become damaged or fall off. If holes appear in the sealant or it falls off, they can get cavities because the damage to the sealant allows bacteria to get to the teeth.

Contact Dr. Guster at Roy B Guster DDS PC, and they can repair or replace the sealant by brushing more of the liquid on the teeth. It is a simple process that only takes a few minutes to protect a child’s teeth again. If you’re interested in placing sealants on your children’s teeth, call or fill out the appointment on our website.

If you are ready to protect your family’s teeth from tooth decay and cavities, call Roy B. Guster DDS PC so we can help you with dental sealants. We are going to schedule your appointment based on your availability. If it is over the weekends, we have a dentist open on Saturday near me to link you. Since we opened our clinic, we have served patients from Park Manor, Longwood Manor, Auburn Gresham, Roseland, Beverly, Chatham, West Chesterfield, and other locations.