Root Canal Therapy in Chicago, IL

Root Canal Therapy in Chicago, IL

Although the premolars and molars do most food chewing and are more likely to get cavities, the front teeth can get them as well. If you neglect caring for the cavity, the decay can spread into the tooth and require root canal therapy in Chicago, IL. A root canal can save your tooth and give it back its function.

How Dentists Do Root Canals

The symptoms of tooth decay that indicates a root canal is necessary are not hard to miss. Usually, the tooth reacts by being sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks, it is painful when biting down on your tooth while eating, and the pain may be persistent. If you have any of these symptoms, you should call Dr. Guster at Roy B Guster DDS PC to examine your tooth.

Assessment of Tooth

Along with a physical examination of the affected tooth, our dentist near me will take x-rays to check how far down in the tooth the decay goes. After determining that a root canal is necessary, our dentist will prepare for the procedure by numbing your tooth and gums around so that you don’t feel any pain during it.

After the tooth is numb, our dentist will drill down into the tooth to reach the decay to clean it out. If the decay is within the pulp, they will remove it. This part of the tooth contains the blood vessels, soft tissues, and nerves. After removing it, the area is dried and sanitized to keep decay-causing bacteria from spreading.

The tooth decay can go into the roots, which will require cleaning and reshaping them after sanitizing the tooth. Once the reshaping takes place, our dentist in Chicago, IL will fill the inside of the tooth with gutta-percha, and a temporary dental crown goes over it to protect the tooth.

Ordering Permanent Crown

Once Dr. Guster finishes with the root canal therapy near you, they will order your permanent crown to restore the function of your tooth. If you think you need a root canal, book an appointment at Roy B Guster DDS PC to restore your smile.