Tooth Extractions in Chicago, IL

Tooth Extractions in Chicago, IL

Although our dentist’s priority is to save teeth, sometimes the damage from disease or trauma is too extensive, and extractions are necessary. However, there are several other reasons they need to remove teeth. After taking out patients’ teeth, Dr. Guster will discuss the options with their patients.

Types of Extractions

There are two basic types of dental extractions that our dentist at Roy B Guster DDS PC performs simple or surgical extractions in Chicago, IL. A simple extraction is when a dentist can grab onto the tooth and take it out. When surgical removal is necessary, it takes place at the dentist’s office, or a referral to an oral surgeon may be necessary.

Reasons for Extractions

Disease and trauma damage are not the only reasons that a tooth needs removal. Teeth could be:

  • Overcrowded
  • Impacted
  • Infected

Overcrowded Teeth

Sometimes teeth are too big to fit well in your jaw, or too many may grow in, and they can cause overcrowding. Overcrowded teeth can overlap or bunch together to make your teeth crooked. If this happens, it may be difficult to clean teeth, and tooth decay can develop. Removing overcrowded teeth will improve their appearance and functionality.


Impacted teeth occur when they grow underneath other teeth and cannot emerge. Tooth impaction occurs most often when the third set of molars, called Wisdom Teeth, grow underneath the first or second molars because there is no room for them along the jaw. Since they cannot emerge, they need surgical removal.

Infected Teeth Due to Periodontitis

Untreated gum disease can cause teeth to become infected and loose. When they do, some of them need extractions near you. Tiny holes in your teeth caused by gum disease can become places for bacteria to grow and damage your teeth. Often, those infected teeth will need removing as the bacteria weakens and loosens them.

If you have damaged or diseased teeth, visit our dentist in Chicago, IL. Dr. Guster will assess your teeth and extract them at Roy B Guster DDS PC if the damage is too extensive and they are unsalvageable. If possible, they will save any teeth if they can.