Dental Exams and Cleanings in Chicago, IL

Dental Exams and Cleanings in Chicago, IL

An essential part of keeping your teeth healthy is visiting Dr. Guster every six months. Biannual exams and cleanings near you allow our dentist to check the progress of children’s growing teeth and look for dental diseases in adult teeth, gums, and mouths. Here are some of the other reasons to visit Roy B Guster DDS PC for routine services.

Spot Unknown Health Problems

Along with finding dental decay or gum disease, a routine examination can also find medical problems you may not know about. For instance, our dentist in Chicago, IL can discover signs of diabetes, heart disease, or high blood pressure by examining your mouth. They can also find signs of oral or throat cancers.

Check Internal Oral Structures

During visits to our dentist, they will often take x-rays of adolescent and adult mouths to check the structures they cannot see above the gumline. They can get a good look at teeth and bones, both above and beneath the gums. These views allow the dentist to find tooth fractures, wisdom teeth coming in, or root cavities they may not find otherwise.

If there are missing teeth, this can cause the jawbones to shrink, which x-rays can discover. Our dentist near me can use x-rays to check on previous procedures with dental implants near me, bridges, or root canals to find problems.

Routine Cleanings Prevents Decay

Another reason to visit our dentist every six months is so that they can discover plaque and tartar buildup and remove it. Removing these biofilms and bacteria can prevent cavities and gum disease. Tartar forms when plaque hardens on your teeth. Plaque forms from saliva and food debris and sticks to your teeth and tongue. It is easy to brush away, but tartar needs a dental cleaning to get rid of it.

Breath Stays Fresh

When your dental hygiene is well cared for, you are less likely to have bad breath and dry mouth. Some of the dental reasons for bad breath include:

  • Untreated cavities
  • Gum disease
  • Ill-fitting dental appliances
  • Mouth infections

Routine exams and cleanings in Chicago, IL help maintain your teeth so that your breath, mouth, and other oral structures are clean and healthy. If you haven’t had a checkup or cleaning in six months or more, book an appointment with Dr. Guster at Roy B Guster DDS PC.