Emergency Dentistry in Chicago, IL

Emergency Dentistry in Chicago, IL

It can be difficult to find an available emergency dentist when you need one. Fortunately, our dentist in Chicago, IL can provide emergency dentistry to you or your family when it’s needed. However, do you know when you need an emergency dentist?

What is a Dental Emergency?

When your tooth breaks in an accident, you develop a severe toothache, or you see a whitish pimple on your gum, you need to go to an emergency dentist near me. These are dental emergencies our dentist needs to examine and treat as soon as possible.

Other dental problems that require emergency treatment are:

  • Loose adult teeth
  • Broken prosthetics
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Missing fillings

If a pain reliever reduces the discomfort of a toothache, your tooth chips or cracks without bleeding or extreme pain, and your tooth isn’t infected, you can make a regular appointment with Dr. Guster to assess your teeth and treat them.

What to do During an Emergency

If you have a dental emergency, you can take steps to stop the bleeding, reduce your pain, and reattach your tooth.

Stop the Bleeding

If a tooth socket is bleeding after your tooth breaks or losing it, take a clean piece of gauze and press it against the socket, gently but firmly. It should stop bleeding in a few seconds. However, if it doesn’t, keep switching out the gauze and tell the dentist near you it won’t stop bleeding.

Pain Reduction Help

If you’re having pain after a tooth breaks or taking a pain reliever for a toothache, place some ice in a clean cloth and apply it to your cheek or jaw. The coldness will help reduce some of your pain until you see our dentist 60628.

Locating Tooth

For a knocked out of its socket or broken tooth, our emergency dentistry in Chicago, IL may be able to cement your teeth back together or reinsert the tooth into its socket. When you find a broken piece of tooth or a whole tooth, pick it up by the enamel, and rinse it with lukewarm water to remove debris. Take the tooth to the dentist by putting it in a cup with water or milk.

Before rushing to the dentist’s office, call first to find out when you can see Dr. Guster.

If you stay in West Chesterfield, Park Manor, Roseland, Longwood Manor, Auburn Gresham, Beverly, or Chatham, and your tooth has been knocked loose, bring it with you. Our dentist might be able to restore it. Use paper towels to control bleeding until we can assist.