Dental Crowns in Chicago, IL

Dental Crowns in Chicago, IL

After repairing teeth for patients, our dentist at Roy B Guster DDS PC can protect and strengthen them by placing dental crowns in Chicago, IL over them. These prosthetics can also improve the functionality of damaged teeth. Here are some reasons that a crown may be necessary.

When Does a Dentist Place a Crown?

A crown can restore a tooth that’s injured or weakened from disease. Our dentist near you will often recommend a crown for these reasons.

Root Canals

One of the most common reasons for getting a crown is protecting and strengthening a tooth after dental work, like root canal therapy. During root canals, our dentist near me removes the tooth’s pulp and sanitizes the inside of it to prevent decay from spreading. Because they remove the middle of the tooth, it is weak and vulnerable to breaking, so they apply a crown to strengthen the tooth.

Enamel Wear

When people chew on non-food items like pens, pencils, or ice, it gradually wears down the enamel. Grinding or clenching teeth also wears the enamel on your teeth. These habits can cause teeth to weaken and eventually crack or break. If you notice wear on your teeth, consult with Dr. Guster about placing a crown over your teeth to protect them.

Hide Flaws

Your self-confidence can suffer if you have a tooth that’s misshapen or discolored. Our dentist in Chicago, IL may suggest a crown to cover the tooth to hide its flaws and improve its appearance. Along with giving you a better-looking smile, the crown will protect the tooth from enamel wear.

Improve Teeth’s Appearance

Many people whose careers depend on their looks, such as models or actors, may cap their teeth to change how they look when smiling. Some people are born with short teeth, have stained teeth, or other problems that affect how they look. Capping, which is placing crowns over them, will give them million-dollar smiles.

If your teeth need help due to their appearance, disease, or damage, book an appointment with Dr. Guster at Roy B Guster DDS PC to discuss how dental crowns near you can help improve your smile.