Dental Bridges in Chicago, IL

Dental Bridges in Chicago, IL

If you have teeth scheduled for removal or are missing teeth, you need to arrange to replace them. Not replacing teeth can cause your healthy ones to become loose and eventually tilt and fall out. One good option for replacing teeth is bridges near you.

Why Get a Bridge?

A bridge is a great option for replacing teeth because it can take the place of one or multiple teeth in a row on one or both sides of the mouth. While our dentist at Roy B Guster DDS PC often uses fixed bridges, there are several others they use. For instance, they can place implant-supported bridges too.

What is a Fixed Bridge?

A fixed bridge is one our dentist in Chicago, IL cements in so that it stays in place. It can replace one to several teeth, although the ideal number is four or five of them. To clean these replacement teeth, you can use a toothbrush like you do natural teeth.

A bridge can quickly take the place of teeth that you lose due to trauma or disease so that you don’t need to go without them very long after losing your teeth. This bridge consists of dental crowns on each end that fit over healthy teeth and support them. Between the two crowns are pontics or fake teeth that take the place of those that you’ve lost, whether it’s one tooth or three or four of them.

Other Bridges We Place

Other than fixed bridges in Chicago, IL, our dentist near you may also recommend a cantilever or Maryland bonded bridge. While these are fixed bridges, the cantilever bridge only uses one dental crown because the other end of the bridge doesn’t have a supportive tooth. Usually, it’s because it meets the end of your mouth.

The Maryland bonded bridge does not use crowns to support it. Instead, they use a porcelain or metal framework attached to the backs of the teeth. When you smile or laugh, the framework is not visible, and your supportive teeth do not need alteration to fit crowns on them.

If you’ve lost teeth and want to replace them, contact Dr. Guster and book an appointment on our website or call us at Roy B Guster DDS PC.

If you are missing teeth, dental bridges are a great option so that you can eat and drink properly while keeping the structure of your jaw intact. You can also avail of services in Chatham, West Chesterfield, Park Manor, Roseland, Longwood Manor, Auburn Gresham, Beverly, and Chatham. Visit today!